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Retractable Roofs

The advantages of a retractable roof go far beyond those of a custom fixed awning or retractable awning. Keep reading to find out how to:

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Expand your space

Retractable roof imageWant to add extra space to your home? Without all weather protection*, you can't fully enjoy your outdoor living area. A Hoover retractable roof allows you to expand your home's livable area, effectively adding a customized outdoor room.

Do you need to find extra seating area at your restaurant? South Florida is beautiful! Let your patrons enjoy the outdoor lifestyle while being protected from the elements by a Hoover retractable roof.

A Hoover retractable roof is the most flexible and cost efficient way to add a revenue producing area to your business or restaurant!

Have shade & all weather protection* when you need it or the beautiful sky and stars when you don’t.

With a Hoover Retractable Roof, you control the protection with the push of a button. Your retractable roof can be extended fully, partially, or fully retracted depending on the amount of protection you want. It’s that simple!

Maximize your usable outdoor space with the addition of a Hoover retractable roof today!

Call 800-844-4848 now to schedule your free estimate!

* Wind limitations apply depending on size and configuration.