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Hoover Hybrid Shade Structures

With the growing awareness of skin cancer and the dangers of exposure to the sun's U.V. rays, people are increasingly seeking shaded areas in public places. Just four hours of exposure can result in sunburn, cancer, photo aging and eye damage.

While these are good reasons to protect ourselves from the suns harmful rays, there are many others. For instance, shaded areas at schools can extend the classroom to create a novel experience for the children. A Hoover Hybrid Shade Structure can increase the aesthetics of an area as well as decrease the ambient temperature by as much as 15 degrees fahrenheit.

In fact, some states are creating laws that make it mandatory for play equipment & areas to be covered. Children are most often outside during the most dangerous times of the day, between 10am - 4pm. This is increasingly alarming because studies show that most cases of melanoma are directly linked to childhood exposure.

Reasons to purchase a Hybrid Shade Structure:

  • Block up to 98% of UV rays
  • Prevent sunburns
  • Shade or all weather protection
  • Stay up to 15 degrees cooler in the shade
  • Cost effective & attractive

20' x 20' Cantilevered Hybrid Shade Structure

30' x 30' Standard Hybrid Shade Structure 20' x 30' Standard Hybrid Shade Structure

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